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hello and welcome to another nail blast post,today I am discussing Maybelline’s city smoke,Essie’s maj haul and models own starburst.

Maybelline’s city smoke is a muted dusky grey creme and is part of maybelline’s colour show classics, full review here:

city smoke

Essies Taj Ma Haul is a warm clay orange creme polish and is part of Essies resort collection, India inspired.

taj ma hau;

Essie’s say that this about their India resort collection: “opulent silks. saturated hues. dazzling ornamentation. this resort season is influenced by the magnificent fashion, diverse culture and sheer beauty of India.”

Jaipur and the Taj-ma-haul to the vibrant saris at the monsoon wedding twirling during a Delhi Dance, there’s no end to the inspiration that gives like to Essie colour.

The country’s unique contrast of tradition and modernism, the old alongside the new, invigorates mind, body and soul – everyone must be Going Guru. On the cutting edge of art and commerce, India’s cities are an exhilarating rush of flavours, sights and fragrances – it captures the imagination and tantalizes the senses.

The colourful market stalls. The golden sands of the deserts. The azure waters of the western coast. India’s landscape is as beautiful and varied as its people, and its influence on global style and fashion is constantly energizing the collections of the world’s most beloved designers. Any visitor will be begging to Nama-stay the Night. The vivid pattern-play of today and intricate handicrafts of tradition offer a dizzying palette of splendid inspiration. It’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime!

Essie’s resorts collection also includes:

Delhi Dance: A silky sari pink creme

Going Guru: A pastel mint creme

Nama-Stay the night: Bright sky blue creme

essie collection

Models own starburst is a black base filled with extra fine forest green glitter.


Starburst is part of models own glitter HyperGel collection, which also includes:

crystal pink: A sheer pink base with pink and sliver flakes

Petunia Glitz: A hot pink with pink flakes and sliver shimmer

Red Carpet: A hot red with pink and red flakes and silver shimmer

Sheer Sparkle: A sheer champagne gold with gold flakes and gold shimmer

The reason I have chose these three polishes for today’s post is because of today’s colour pallet inspiration.

As I only really like having three soild colours on my nails ( unless it’s a gradient or a splosh nail set) I choose B7673c, 3a5154 and B9bob2 to recreate in my polish.

colour palette

Plain Swatch:

Maybelline city smoke– three coats, smooth formula, no bleeding or streaking.

Essie Taj Ma haul- four coats, slight bleeding but overall a decent smooth formula.

Model own starburst– two coats, no bleeding or streaking. Very good smooth formula.

Art Swatch

Grey trees & diamond tribal print

If you’re read my post before you will know I love showing how my chosen polish can be part of your life in more ways then just your fingertips. Below are all the ways that these polish can play at part in your day 🙂

Me and my family love wax melts and creating an atmosphere using the sense of smell.

If city’s smoke, Taj ma haul and Starburst was turned into a wax melts this is what I think it would smell like.

BLACK OPIUM by phoenix lights melts

An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla – for sweetness and sensuality.

If city smoke, starburst and Taj ma haul was to be warn with and inspire an outfit I think this chic daytime look is perfect to show off this combination of colours.

A orange floral over sized blouse paired with grey and orange tartan high waisted trousers and a forest green ankle wrapped chunky heels.

A green smart envelop hand bag, velvet green chocker and smoky grey and soft orange eyeshadow complete this classy daytime look.

If city smoke, starburst and Taj ma haul was to inspire home decor I think this contemporary fun bedroom ticks all the boxes.

A geometric orange and grey feature wallpaper paired with a green and grey tartan bedding set with a orange noodle lampshade hanging above.

Tribal orange, green and grey feathers feature artwork, contemporary green figure feature accent item and a grey splatter rug finish off this fun, lively bedroom.

Overall I love this combination of colours that pair muted tones with bright spikes of fun! Not only can this combination brighten up dreary days but stand out in the sunshine!

Thank you for reading and please check back for more nail blast posts x


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