Essie- Picture Perfect

Hello everyone and welcome to another nail blast post 🙂

Today I wanted to discuss Essie’s Picture Perfect gel conture.

Picture perfect is a sheer ivory white with extremely fine gold glitter and is part of Essie Bridal X reem collection 2018.

Which also includes:

Moments to Mrs- a medium pink jelly with irridesent pink glitter

Handmaid to honour- a rose foil

Your golden- a soft yellow gold foil

Forever family- a deep ruby pink with gold and pink duo chrome

Getting intricate– a bright baby blue creme
This collection was is inspired by the designer Reem Acra.
Reem Acta is a fashion designer born in Beirut, Lebanon, known for her eponymous bridal gown line and her ready to wear collection.
This what she had to say about her Essie nail polish collection.
Partnering with Essie, I was able to bring my bridal design aesthetic to life. I dreamed this Essie Gel Couture wedding collection up as a royal affair.
A grand party celebrating a big day, equating its magic to opening a jewelry box and peeking inside. 

Swatch of picture perfect
Unfortunately I have only my art swatches to show picture perfect but because I used a very simple design I believe it show Essie’s picture perfect polish clearly.

Picture perfect by Essie is a jelly sheer ivory white with extra fine gold glitter, because of this polish having a jelly like formula even with lots of coats you will never get full colour coverage. For my nails I used three coats and I think this is the polish’s happy place, I did try with more but it just made the nails look odd, for best coverage id recommend sticking to three coats or for a very sheer tint use less, this polish even looks nice as a subtle topper over other soft milky shades.

The formula for this polish was a bit watery and the colour does seem to gather most where you place your first stroke, mine gathered at the top of my nail, to avoid this I suggest apply a coat with a sponge, focusing on the area it has become patchy in, this should help even the colour out.

Overall this is a beautiful subtle polish that is great for doing soft delicate Manis or adding that extra subtle sparkle.
But be warned because this polish is so delicate it will unfortunately show every imperfect up.

Due to a medical condition (vitamin deficiency)  my nails are slightly yellow where they should be white this unfortunately shows it up.
If you’ve read my post before you will know I love showing you all the ways my chosen polish can be part of your life, in more ways then just your fingertips.

Below is everything that would look awesome paired with picture perfect and everything it has inspired and help create.

Me and my family love wax melts and creating an atmosphere through the sense of smell, if Picture Perfect was to be transformed into a wax melt this is what I think it would smell like 🙂

Diamonds by top to toe scents

A floral, oriental scent, with notes of patchouli and freesia and a base of amber and sweet vanilla. Smells similar to Armani ‘Diamonds


If picture perfect was to be paired with and inspire an outfit this delicate, sweet outfit would look awesome with picture perfect on the fingertips X

A white lace maxi dress paired with white peep toe lace and bow heels and a white straight cut women suit jacket with a lace trim.

A lace and pearl chocker, lace and pearl vintage hand bag and white glitter eyeshadow complete this soft, subtle beauty style outfit.
If picture perfect was to inspire home decor I think this delicate, feminine style bedroom is a perfect representation of this Essie shade and vibe.

A white paint brush effect feature wallpaper paired with white ruffled side panel bedding set and a Boho styled round lantern ceiling light hanging above .

A knitted Boho styled lace wall tassel feature artwork, a coral rose on a glass stand as the feature accent item and  a white on white flur de lurs embossed rug at the foot of the bed complete this fresh, elegant bedroom. Overall picture perfect is a beautiful jelly polish that has a delicate, sophisticated, elegant vibe that I think you’d be hard pressed to find in other polishes.

For a jelly, it has a ok formula and I believe this Essie will be useful to anyone’s nail polish collection, whether it’s creating soft Manis or adding that extra sparkle and depth to another nail shade.

This is one Essie that will be showing up in many of my future sets.

Thank you for reading my nail polish review and please check back soon for more nail blast posts 🙂


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