Essie- Fiji (classic version)

Hello everyone and welcome to another nail blast post.

Today I want to discuss Essie’s classic Fiji

Fiji (classic) is a very milky pink creme and belongs to Essie core classics. This polish was reformulated in 2013.

Other classic of Essie include:

Ballet slipper- a pale rose tea pink with a sheer finish

Licorice- a soild jet black creme

Blanc- a snow white creme

Baby breath- a creamy white with a tiny of pink

Sugar daddy- a sheer petal pink

Wicked- a very dark red creme looks almost black

Waltz- off tone sheer white

Plain swatch

Essie Fiji classic is a cool toned very light pink creme and fully covers in three to four coats depending on application.

Although this is one of Essie classic it’s has a horrible formula. Fiji is extremely watery, bleeds no matter what and if not careful streaks. Also in certain light this soft hardly there pink can look like a off tone white.

Despite its formula problems this Essie has a big fan base and I can kinda understand why, although it took a great deal of effort and time to apply this pink, I do actually love this colour and it’s a pink which suites my very pale skin, which can be a challenge in itself.

Be warned if you want to try this Essie be aware that this is a monster polish but if you do manage to tame the monster you will be rewarded with a delicate, classy nail colour.

Essie classic Fuji Vs new Fuji

Despite Essie big fan base for Fiji they did listen to everyone issues with the formula and eventually chose to reformulate this polish. Unfortunately I don’t have the new Fiji and therefore I can’t do a compression, although I am aware there are some big difference between classic and new. To find out all about the new fiji please click the link to a fellow nail polish blogger who has reviewed this interesting polish:

Art swatch- Fiji classic gradient with Essie- bloom in june

If you’re read my post before you will know I love showing you all the ways my chosen polish can be part of your life in more ways than just on your fingertips.

Below is everything that would look awesome paired with Fiji and everything it has inspired and help create.

Me and my family love wax melts and creating an atmosphere through the sense of smell, if Fiji was transformed into a wax melt, this is what I think it would smell like.

Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade Wax Melts are a sweet & citrusy fragrance. It smells just like your favorite refreshing summertime drink! Bright, citrusy lemonade with juicy sweet strawberries.

If Fiji was to be worn with and inspire an outfit I think this elegant evening outfit would look awesome with Fiji on the fingertips.

A pale pink long lace dress paired with chunky ribbon heels and pale pink flowers hair clip.

A pale pink envelope clutch, a pink pearl necklace and pale pink eyeshadow and pink matte lipstick completes this elegance, chic outfit.

If Fiji was to inspire home decor I think this feminine styled bedroom represent the colour and vibe of this Essie perfectly.

Pale pink Chevron feature wallpaper paired with a pale pink vine pattern bedding set with a pale pink, lace flower lampshade hanging above.

A pink and monochrome Paris feature artwork, a pink dancer figurine feature accent item and Full length pale pink flower curtains completes this cute, welcoming, feminine bedroom

Overall Fiji is a beautiful, subtle colour but it’s formula is the thing of nightmares.

If I had to buy it again knowing what I know now, I’d probably attempt to find other polish with a similar shade as this just took too much time, effort and re-dos.

If you do try this polish out be aware that in order to get that beautiful shade this Essie will ask for a lot in return.

Thank you for reading my nail polish review and please check back soon for more nail blast posts X

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