Essie Diamond in the cuff

Hello everyone and welcome to another nail blast post.

Today I want to discuss Essie’s Diamond in the cuff.

Diamond in the cuff is a pearlscent bright silver shimmer and belong to Essie hoilday 2017 collection.

Which also includes:

It-pearl– a light lilic creme

Gold Guilding– a pink toned rose gold soft metallic

My nail polish review of gold guilding here:

Jade to measure- a bright emerald green metallic

Amethyst noir- a very dark eggplant purple shimmer

Plain Swatch

Diamond in the cuff is a pearlscent, bright silver shimmer and fully covers in three to four coats but if you want a very subtle shimmer using one coat will tint your nail with a beautiful glow while still being able to see the nail underneath.

Diamond in the cuff is a beautiful glowing colour that has a sheer formula but this sheerness can be easily built upon to get a strong full colour. This Essie paints on easily with no issues with bleeding, streaking or patchiness.

The shimmer in this formula helps soften this silver to give it a beautiful elegant subtleness which is a great change from the harshness of most silver polishes lately.

If your looking for a silver Polish that is elegant, subtle yet captivating look no further! This is one Polish that will be featuring in many of my future Manis.

Art Swatch

If you’re read my post before you know I love showing you all the ways my chosen polish can be part of your life in more ways than just your fingertips.

Below is everything that would look awesome paired with diamond in the cuff and everything it has inspired and help create.

Me and my family love wax melts and creating an atmosphere through the sense of smell, if diamond in the cuff was to transform into a wax melt, this is what I think it would smell like.

Silver birch & vetiver by cherry pit craft

This is a scent that men will love – it’s manly in the best possible way. A huntsman sits on his cabin porch peeling an orange. Around him the air is thick with the promise of a storm. The pine trees sway in the strong wind, pine cones falling to the earth with gentle thuds. Wild flowers dance in unison as the breeze sweeps over them. Silver birch leaves, clementine peel and crisp ozonic notes are followed by pine cone accords and white geraniums with a dry down of vetiver, sandalwood, and sequoia woods.

If diamond in the cuff was to be worn with and inspire an outfit I think this elegant evening outfit would look awesome with diamond in the cuff on the fingertips.

A silver lace and bead mini dress paired with a silver glitter cropped cardigan and silver gem heels.

A diamond envelope clutch, a diamond interwoven hearts necklace and diamond lace flower earrings complete this classic evening outfit.

If diamond in the cuff was to inspire home decor I think this elegant bedroom represent the colour and vibe of this Essie perfectly.

Silver art deco style feature wallpaper paired with a silver art deco pattern bedding set with a silver glitter and crystal chandelier hanging above.

A silver pallet knift feature artwork, a silver crystal tribal women figurine as feature accent item and full length silver and diamond boarded curtains completes this glamorous classy bedroom.

Overall diamond in the cuff is a great change of pace for silver polishes and although subtle and softer this beautiful shade is no less eye catching.

If you want a silver that glows beautifully while still exuding a classy vibe, pick diamond in the cuff now!

This polish is definitely going on my favourite shelf.

Thank you for reading my nail polish review and please check back soon for more nail blast posts X


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