Zoya- Aggie

Hello everyone and welcome to another nail blast post.

Today I want to discuss Zoya’s AggieZoya Aggie is a gold, holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter and is part of Zoya flare collection.
Which also includes:

Cinnamon– a dark bronze liquid metal
Ember– a intense firey red liquid metal
Estelle– a dark eggplant purple liquid metal
Giada–  a lapris blue liquid metal
Tris– a dark brushed nickel liquid metalPlain swatch
Aggie by Zoya is a gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter and fully covers in three to four coats.
A holo flip polish means that Aggie is a nail polish that is both holographic and multi chromed.

Although this polish is stated as a holo, it’s more of a liquid metal with glitter, for me, I really struggle to see the holographic part of this shade but despite this, it is a absolutely beautiful nail polish.

Although very strong coloured in the bottle, the formula for this Zoya is unfortunately not the best. Aggie is extremely patchy and can take more then three coats to get full, strong coverage. Although this was frustrating I honestly believe this colour is worth it. Apart from the patchiness this polish thankfully has no problems with streaking or bleeding.

Once dry this polish is glamorous, eye catching and unlike any gold metallic you have seen before!

If you’re read my post before you will know I love showing all the ways my chosen polish can be part of your life, in more ways than just your fingertips.

Below is everything that would look awesome with Aggie and everything it has inspired and help create.

Me and my family love wax melts and creating an atmosphere through the sense of smell, if Aggie was transformed into a wax melt this is what I think it would smell like.

Lady Lucilles Poisoned Elixir by the Gypsy Monroe wax co.

Lady Lucilles Poisoned Elixir:
Black Tea + Bergamot + Jasmine + Cedarwood + Vetiver + Black Currant + Sandalwood + Honey Almond Cake Bites 

If Aggie was to be worn with and inspire an outfit I think this glamorous evening outfit would look awesome with Aggie on the fingertips.

A full length glitter evening dress paired with a full length demask jacket and gold leaf glittery heels.

A two heart gem necklace, gold leaf and pearl hair clip and bold gold glitter eyeshadow and gold lipstick completes this dazzling outfit.
If Aggie was to inspire home decor I think this rich, vibrant bedroom represent the colour and vibe of this polish perfectly.

A Gold floral feature wallpaper paired with gold flower bedding with a gold gem ball celling light hanging above.

A gold writing on blackboard feature artwork ( let’s blow bubbles & drink prosecco) A gold crouched women as feature accent item and full length gold brush stroke effect curtains complete this glamorous bedroom
Overall Aggie is a beautiful metallic gold that will glamourize any outfit and brighten up any season.

Although not the easier of polish to use, I believe this shade is definitely worth the extra effort.

This is a liquid metal that will melt your heart.

Thank you for reading my nail polish review and please check back soon for more nail polish posts.


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