Zoya- Brooklyn

Hello and welcome to another nail blast post.

Today I’d like to discuss Zoya’s Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a buttery, honey gold with a pearlish finish and belongs to Zoya awaken collection.

Which also includes:

Cole– a light bright peach with orange undertones- creme finish

Dillon– green mint metallic with silver shimmer

Dot– petal pink creme polish

Hudson– pastle lilic with dense golden glassfleck shimmer

Rebel– pastle robin egg blue with glassfleck gold shimmer

Monet– multi coloured, cellophane holographic special effects topper

Plain Swatch

Zoya’s Brooklyn is a warm toned, buttery, honey gold pearlecent polish and fully covers in three coats.

This is a beautiful soft gold that in terms of formula is ok if you follow the steady hand rule, at first Brooklyn is very thin, patchy and very prone to streaking but if you use minimal brush strokes, the colour fills in by coat two and any brush stroke that are created do thankfully dry out.

Despite its flaws this polish does apply rather smooth with no bleeding issues and when dry this polish is utterly beautiful with a strength for versatility, Brooklyn with it warm, unique shade is great for causal or going out Mani and one polish that’s going to be a feature in many of my future nail sets.

Art Swatch

If you’re read my post before you will know I love to show you all the ways my chosen polish can be part of your life, in more ways then just you fingertips.

Below is everything that would look awesome paired with Brooklyn and everything it has inspired and help create.

Me and my family loves wax melts and creating an atmosphere through the sense of smell, if Brooklyn was transformed into a wax melt this is what I think it would smell like.

Honey the kids are washed by scentful home melts

Notes of: Golden honey, soft white musk, sparkling bergamot, bits of toffee, crisp apple and sweet orange.

If Brooklyn was to be worn with and Inspire an outfit,I think this bright summer daytime outfit would look awesome with Brooklyn on the fingertips.

A full length lace yellowy gold dress paired with lace heels and hoop style gold handbag.

Soft yellowy gold eyeshadow with shimmer gold lipstick and gold heart pendant with yellow flowers completes this stylish day outfit.

If Brooklyn was to inspire home decor, I think this warm, nature based bedroom represents the colour and vibe of Brooklyn perfectly.

Yellow gold 60s style flower feature wallpaper paired with gold stripped bedding and yellowy gold with outline leaf design celling lamp hanging above.

Yellowy gold oil painted flowers as features artwork with various gold yellow vases as feature accent item and full length gold flowers curtains complete this feminine styled bedroom.

Overall Brooklyn is a beautiful, classy, unique shade that no nail collection should be without.

Brooklyn suits all types of Manis whether is subtle and casual or classy and going out, like your fav lipstick this should be a staple in your daily life.

This one is going to have a permanent spot on my favourite shelf.

Thank you for reading my review and please check back soon for more nail blast posts x

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